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Hyperoxaluria ? Should I be concerned about this at all? *K.S.'s

Hi, I am concerned I might have this condition. I am 28 and have had kidney stones since I was sixteen or seventeen. I was told that it was odd I started getting them so young but at the time...being a teenager didn't think much about it...Except for the extreme pain they cause, explosive vomiting, migraines, etc.I had a stone removed around one and a half years ago. They tested it and it came back as calcium oxalate. It is the only larger stone I've had. Around 8mm...Well large compared to all the others I've had. I've had around 10 total...Sometimes not any, sometimes once or twice a year. I did a 24 hour urine test and blood workup, it came back fine I believe. My urologist was somewhat baffled as to why I was getting stones and living in Iowa at the time, I was referred to the Mayo Clinic.I was unable to keep the appointment due to financial reasons... So that's a little background information on me. My most recent stone was less than two weeks ago.I am still having flank pain in both flanks, which is unusual. I am constantly exhausted, I throw up a lot, unexplained weight loss, very bizarre symptoms which I've never had before in my life. To be honest, I'm mostly sick of whatever is ailing me for especially the past 2 and a half, three months.I know this is a genetic condition and my nephew was actually born with only one kidney. Obviously, I don't think that relates to this condition from what I've read online but it makes me wonder if it's a possibility. Questions I have are...
1. Wouldn't a condition like this have probably have shown up in extensive blood work and a 24 hour urine screening?
2. Do any of my symptoms match what this condition actually is? I've read the symptoms online...But online searching, of course, isn't a doctor.
3. Dumb question... But for any sufferers of this condition that read this, should I bring this up to my doctor when I see him ASAP? Money is an issue right now so I have to wait until the end of October... Or is this just simply a lot of kidney stones with something else going on?
4. Thanks for any advice, help, suggestions, any information... I apologize for rambling on...I'm part freaked out and partly fed up with whatever is going on with me. I'm sure most of you understand that feeling. It's taken a toll on my everyday life and is affecting me to the point as a student with a high A GPA...I am struggling to go to my classes at college and even function socially. My wife is understanding and that relationship is fine...But I feel terrible for sleeping my life away at times.
Take care everyone and thanks so much! =)
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