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Hynic jerks - Tremors - vibrating feeling in feet - muscle twitc

Hello. I have some issues that have been going on for about 3 years now and all just kinda popped up out of nowhere. I've been the neurologist several times and had a bunch of tests. MRI, and other tests that look for issues with my muscles. So far nothing popped up but every time I've gone the symptoms weren't happening at that time.

So let me give a quick overview of what's been happening.

This is the issue that is really effecting my life in a negative way. These are jerks that right as I'm about to fall asleep I have a huge body jolt. Can be just a leg, or an arm, both legs or entire body. It's completely random but every time I'm about to doze off BOOM, body jerk plus it gives me this adrenaline rush feeling which jolts me awake. After 5 min's or so I'll start to doze off again and it happens again. This has caused me to get 0 sleep many times and work is tough. Sometimes it takes me hours to fall asleep and it's really starting to effect my life. This condition started about 3 years ago. It used to come and go sometimes I'd have the issues for about 3-7 days then it would completely go away for a week or 2 sometimes longer. Over the last 3 months though it's been every night and is not getting better.

Also for about 3 years I randomly get this feeling in my left foot. It feels like a slight vibration inside my foot in the bottom and middle. It had only been my left foot but about a week ago it's been my right foot as well. This also comes and goes at random and doesn't really effect me other than it kinda freaks me out in conjunction with everything else that I have going on.

Again, for about 3 years at random I get twitches/spasms/tremors. My doctor actually diagnosed me with benign myoclonus. Usually it's just like a random muscle twitch (only while resting or not moving) but sometimes I get tremors in my right index finger, right thumb and right forearms and a few times same issue with my left index finger. This also comes and goes at random and causes no issues other than it is worrying me in conjunction with all my other issues.

4. Heart palpitations

This one scared the hell out of me. I was randomly getting a skipped heart beat feeling and it kept happening all the time off and on. I had tons of test done including a EKG, Stress test and x-ray and mri of the chest and heart. Nothing was found out of the ordinary and thankfully I haven't had one of these in a few months now.

5. Overall information about me.

I'm a 36 year old white male. I'm overweight but have been losing weight due to my job of delivering packages for amazon. I move around pretty well, no pain, no issues with balance or coordination. These issues I'm having though are making me worry I may have some serious disease that is in the early phases. The hypnic jerks are especially starting to effect my life. I've lost so much sleep due to these and it's making work tough. I've had to go to work many times without even 1 minute of sleep. I've tried not having caffeine, I've tried calcium and magnesium, I try and not get much physical activity at least 4 hours before sleep. But for whatever reason the last 3 months they have been relentless. Every night now they happen over and over. I usually have to try and lay down for 2-5 hours before actually falling asleep.

With all this said does anyone have anything like what I have? Does anyone know what this could be and is there anything I can do that will at least make the hypnic jerks stoo or slow down? Please help. I am a little worried something could be wrong with me but mostly I need to start getting a normal amount Question of sleep so I don't lose my job.
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replied August 14th, 2018
Hey Justin82!

It is very shocking to me that I came to this forum to post literally almost the same issue as you. I've been having hypnic jerks occasionally for about 3-4 weeks now, and not knowing what is causing it. I've only been to my doctor and he told me it was because of my intake of whey protein shakes; even though I stopped since, sometimes I have 1-3 jerks in before I actually fall to sleep.

I'm sorry I couldn't provide you with a medical answer as I am trying to find the answer for myself too, but what seemingly helps me is by taking walks in the morning and night time and get some fresh air in.
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