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I'm 22 but i don't know if i'm still a virgin. My boyfriend tried putting his penis inside me but it wouldn't enter. He even tried with his finger but it was too painful that i asked him to stop. There was no bleeding but i want to know if my hymen is still intact because he released some fluid around my vagina and i'm scared that i night be pregnant.
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replied September 2nd, 2009
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Being a virgin means you did not have a penis in your vagina (intercourse). Only you will know if that happened.

The chances of getting pregnant without him ejaculating deep inside you ae very slim.

"i want to know if my hymen is still intact" - I suggest you wash your hands, lock your door, get a mirror and a light and take a look. There is nothing you can break 'down there'. It will do you a world of good to see how you look and figure out what is going on (if you have not done so yet).

Does it hurt when you masturbate or finger yourself?
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replied June 8th, 2011
It hurts to finger myself or with my toy is my hymen still there but i did not have sex for 3yrs thou but i lost it at 18 yrs old so can it still be there if it hurts to that?
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