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Hydronephrosis and kinked ureter

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I just had a renal ultrasound done today to investigate the cause of pain in my left kidney. I have a history of hydronephrosis in my left kidney during pregnancy, and have had a total of 3 stents placed to allow the kidney to drain while pregnant (I have 2 children). I was told that I have a congenital defect, a kinked ureter, which causes this condition. Before now I have never had kidney pain or problems outside of pregnancy. For a few months now I have been having kidney pain, coming and going. For the past few weeks it has been worsening, to the point where I am hardly sleeping because of pain and frequent urination. I am also feeling nauseated and dizzy, and getting frequent headaches. Of course I am not a radiologist, so I could not tell if my ultrasound looked normal or not today. But it was extremely painful when the technician pressed on my left side and was viewing my left kidney. There were also some blood tests done two days ago, which I have not gotten the results of yet. With my history and currently having these symptoms again, are there certain things I should be watching out for? At what point should I go to the ER? I was told I probably won’t get the results of these tests till next week. In the mean time I am anxious to know why I am in so much pain. Also, are there other conditions that can cause this type of pain in the left kidney area? I have been feeling like it is hydronephrosis again because I feel the same way I did when I had it in the past, but if all these tests come back negative what else could be going on?
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replied November 30th, 2010
I sent you a "greeting". Currently have same issue and am pregnant and have stones. My grandma had the kinked ureter and I have some good info. I will check back. Send you my personal e-mail, hard to keep typing. This kinked thing stinks. Hope you are doing well <3
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