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Hydrogen Peroxide for Treating Sinus Infections

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I did what four doctors failed to do!
All of my life I have struggled with sinus infections and was on antibiotics on average twice a year. This past summer, I did a fair bit of diving in a lake and developed a frontal sinus infection on the left side. Often at night, I would wake up from the sharp pain behind my left eyebrow. After a few weeks of this, I went to the Dr for an antibiotic. Despite my wanting a strong antibiotic, he would only prescribe me ampicillin, arrogantly citing that “that’s how we treat sinus infections in America. I was just on my way to Europe, and as expected, the ampicillin did next to nothing at all! So in France, I got a steroid spray from the pharmacist, which helped reduce the extremely stuffed up nose and reduced the nighttime pain. In Holland, I visited the Dr there (cost $25US). He claimed that Drs in Europe do not prescribe ampicillin as they believe it is not effective for treating modern mutated bacteria. I appreciated his insight. He prescribed me Doxycillin, (doxycycline) but at a child’s dosage of 100 mg. It worked right away, but would not kill the bug completely. So a week later, in Germany, I saw an ENT specialist ($30 US) and she prescribed me 200 mg of Doxycillin. It worked great and I thought the bug was dead, but 2-days following the completion of my prescription, the infection came back with a vengeance! I had to sleep on three pillows to keep the sinus draining and the pain down. Even the steroid spray would not work! Believe it or not, Fisherman’s Friend with eucalyptus worked the best for clearing my nose. Upon arriving home, I visited the Dr, explained my story, and he foolishly believed me to have a virus. Talk about incompetence! No one has a sinus virus for 7-weeks!
I read on Internet sites and Dr. Mercola about using Hydroden Peroxide (H2O2) for ear and sinus infections long before antibiotics were invented. So I put H2O2 in a neti pot, hung my head over the side of the tub and filled my sinuses completely with H2O2. To get the H2O2 into my frontal sinus, I had to pinch off my nose, close my mouth and try to inhale. This drew air bubbles out of my frontal sinus. Then I would blow and push H2O2 into the sinus. I could feel it burn behind my eyebrow as it entered. I did about 20 pull-pushes this way in the morning and again at night. By the next day, the infection was completely dead! And it was sooo easy and cheap! I now use a small sprayer with about 2 teaspoons (10 ml) in about 100 ml (<1/2 cup) of water. When I feel an infection coming on and a bunch of post-nasal drip happening, I spray each nose drill a few times in the morning and at night for a day or two and everything is perfect. My nose has never been so good. My voice has improved also, as PND would irritate my vocal chords and I was constantly clearing my throat. Not anymore!
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