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husband leaves for another woman

19 days ago my husband of 22 years tells me he is leaving. 9 days ago i found out he is with another woman. they worked together and there is evidence this started before he left. i am struggling to say the least. i can't eat. i sleep only short periods. i have been having panic attacks. i am not sure how i get through this. she is 8 years younger than me. i feel old and worthless. he has left me with large debt (i am the main wage earner). has anyone else experienced something like this? any words of wisdom on how to recover from this ultimate betrayal?
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replied October 19th, 2011
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Hi beyondhope and welcome to ehealth: How you handle this is up to you....Your question will be, do you wait him out in hopes that he will find his way home or let it go?....Was your relationship close before this happening or wasn't it and this really isn't a surprise?...Far too often we women take a man for granted...Not that we don't love them, but we forget about the other "tigers" out on the prowl that will grab man whenever they get the chance...This problem is big and getting bigger...The fact that she is younger should not matter as I have found that as you age that age is a number only...

You are a woman...If he has done you wrong, then the heck with him...Get on with your life...My best advice would be to check on the debt...If you go this way, make him responsible for his half of the bills......

Honey, you can do it...Believe me, the best years of your life are still ahead....Take care...

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replied October 20th, 2011
Hi Caroline
Thank you for your response.There were absolutely no signs in our relationship. I thought everything was fine. I think that is what is the most shocking for me. I am realizing that I need to find acceptance and let go. This pain, anger, resentment and feelings of revenge is not healthy for me. I am going to focus for now on trying to legally protect myself financially. I have alot of healing to do.
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