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Husband isn't interested in sex with me.

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I am 36 yrs old and I have started to pay attention to the men who seem interested in me at this point. I am feeling very neglected by my husband and have told him that I feel this way. He just keeps going on about his daily routine as if nothing is bothering him. I don't get calls from him anymore at work and he now seems to preoccupied with the children, work and his exercise routine to have a nice lunch or spend any time with me.But if he needs me to cosign on loans for his business, then he'll make sure to all and be attentive to get what he wants. I feel like I have no choice in the matter here but to seek out other companionship. I find myself flirting with men and accepting phone numbers and invitations for lunch or dinner now. I am seriously thinking of something , I just don't feel loved and wanted by him. He will walk in and out of the house and kiss me on the cheek but I'm so tired of that Ricky and Lucy stuff! He even went so far as to notice that I wasn't kissing HIM anymore and asked me in a rather nervy tone "what, you're not thinking about me anymore"? Then he had the nerve to say, "I expect some affection from you when you leave this house"! What is up with that? I think I feel even more terrible because I know there are other men who are waiting for me to mess up. I hear and believe that I am a beautiful woman-even from other men every day! So in some strange way, when I get a compliment from someone else, I feel sad beause my own husband doesn't feel that way. If he doesn't want to be with me, then why is he worried about my affection for him. How can I be affectionate towards a man who told me he is not interested in sex with me and that he is turned off by sex with me? I'm wondering now if it's him with the psych issues and not me. Either way, I'm almost sure I want out.I have never looked at another man during our marriage much less talked with one, and last night, I found a couple web sites that excited me and I liked it! I'm exposing myself to anything to make me feel sexy. I haven't had sex in so long, my whole attitude has turned sour and I am not exactly the nicest woman to be around. I don't think that is fair to me children either.In 14 years i have 3 childrens with him.Earlier we had a great sex life so why he is no more interested...why he want a new girl fr it???I tried my level best to solve this but seems he is not at all interested in me....what may i do to get my old life back??
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replied December 16th, 2010
He told you he was not interested in sex and was turned off by you? Or is that what you have felt because of his disinterest? If he actually said those words, that changes things quite a bit. But if not, you need to be completely honest with him. Tell him that you are feeling unloved and sexually frustrated, that you have been tempted to turn to another man. Give him a chance to improve things before you go and do something that will irrevocably change things. It's possible that he is not interested, or is having an affair. It is also possible that he suffers from some sort of erectile dysfunction or low testosterone which has decreased his sexual desire. You won't know the true cause until you speak with him openly and honestly.
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