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Husband is physically making me feel sick!

we haven't even been married a yr yet and things are terrible...if you read my last posts you'll be caught up on what's going on....after all the comparing me to other wives and mothers I nearly had it....recently co workers asked me to go was a big event and although my husband wasn't going w me his other friends were going to be there...he still chose not to go but was not happy w the idea of me going...
The next morning I get a call from his sister screaming at me saying how dare I go out without him....etc....he complained to her about after that I was so pissed off I drove to his moms and asked her if she knew anything about this...she did...all she said to me was " if you don't like my son, tell him...he'll leave and u guys can sell the house and divorce..." it was terrible! I'm feeling ganged up on by his own family and when I talked to him about what happened he said " I'm not getting in the middle of's between u, my sister and mom now..." r u f-ing kidding me!!!

The last straw was he went to his friends house and looked at the pics from the event he didn't go to and there were pics of me w our guy friends and apparently I had my head on the one guys shoulder. ...when I talked to his friend about it he said it was totally innocent...yet my husband is only talking to me w one word answers, and telling me how much I've hurt him...basically acting like I've cheated on him!....

I'm so sick of it self esteem has plummeted, I dont feel happy anymore and lost who I am...I even thought of counseling and asked if he'd go w me for support and he said no...

I'm so sick w all of this! Help me plz!!
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replied April 29th, 2011
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