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husband been acting weird

hi my husband been acting weird i dont no want going on husband was getting lots of text messages conferred him if they a nother women he say no then started turning the texts off and deleing the messages.when weeks late i started seeing white marks on his work inside trouser and pants ask again he said no every day since he check his pants i see him do this.he doesnt look me in the eyes he look at every one else but me doesnt talk uless i started it first.the last few day i notices only happens at night.when he all a lone i can hear deep breath in the room he in .then all the sudden i start shaking with feeling not right.sometimes when we have sex i feel he doesnt want it and they day the earth moves.i novice the last few days i was giving head and all the sudden i felt someone was watching me but no one else was here.he been going on porn sites and deleted them of his history so i can find it.can any one help please Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
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replied April 22nd, 2011
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