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hurts wen I pee and sametimes I have to force the pee out!

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Help really scared!!

Hi I'm 16 years old and I've got this problem with my clitors or the place around it.

It start a sametime last year

Well umm like normil teenages I've masterbated a couple times, but well one time afer masterbateing I think I hit a nerve or samthing, becasue I started to get this feeling like samething was on my clitors, it dosn't hurt or anything, but it does hurt wen I pee and sametimes I have to force the pee out!

Umm now when I masterbated after I've done, I get this unclean feeling so I would go clean myself down there.....but then it starts to burn but after a couple hours it would go back to this weird feeling!

I've gone to see the doctor more then four time's, I even showed my self to one of them, but they all said I was fine, and now I'm even to afried to talk to my mum about it becasue she keeps saying it's all in my head!

samebody plz help me....I'm really scared and I don't want to go back to the doctors!
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