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Hurts to cum

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Me and my girl have been going out for a while and we had sex for the first time a few weeks back and just about every day we've done it from then. I don't why but when I cum it hurts,rather it stings. we have sex back to back though and when I'm spent she insist that we keep going. Is the pain coming from an extended period of sex, or am I like sick.
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replied June 10th, 2009
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See a urologist if it's hurting really badly and see what happens if you don't have sex on too many occasions. How many is too many I don't know..............
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replied July 18th, 2011
Ive got your answer, no one seemed to figure it out yet...
i guess im the first one to figure it out, and give a solid answer to this problem... ok, it is not an STD, infact, let me ask, things such as smoking, bad health, can affect your penis by not being fully erected during the time of ejaculation...This is what causes this pain. If you notice, if you haven't had sex in a while, like ejaculated at all in say a week, as soon as you do ejaculate, u will probably be fully erect and be able to ejaculate completely without any pain what so ever. The problem you have is the same problem I have, its the inner penis is becoming weak, and not able to fully push out all of the sperm when time comes to ejaculate, so you get this bit of sperm stuck sort of in the middle. Causes a kind of throbbing and many times burning sensation that will ruin your sleep and bother you until it goes away. I learned this from experience, and figured out a way around it until they find a way to fix it permanently. The way around it is ejaculating again, like a few minutes after the 1st ejaculation...either by sex, or by masturbation. So I hope this helps you, it definitely has helped me. And dont tell you girl about ur issue, just have sex with her again so she thinks you really love having sex with her.
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