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Hurt my middle finger and it instantly brought tears.

Went to wake husband by ripping off startled him and he went to punch. Connected with my middle finger and it instantly brought tears. Now it's very swollen and there's a very faint bruise on my second knuckle and I can't bend my finger down to touch my palm. I did ice it and it didn't help. I also splinted it and when splint is on it hurts a lot. It's just constant pain. Any ideas what I did
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replied February 5th, 2014
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Unfortunately, fingers can be injured easily and take quite a while to get back to "normal"e.

You have most likely sustained a sprain to the collateral ligaments of the PIPJ (proximal interphalangeral joint).

The key things to check are tendon function. The tendons are intact if you can move all of the joints in the finger, both ways, bending and straightening (flexion and extension). The motion does not need to be full, to show that the tendons are intact.

Unfortunately, injured fingers will stay swollen for an extended period of time.

The treatment for a colleratal ligament injury is actually to move the finger. The usual treatment is to buddy tape it to the ringer finger. This will provide both splinting and motion.

If you have any concerns you should see a hand surgeon as soon as possible.

Good luck.
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