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hurt and confused

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im sorry you feel the way you do, at times I feel the same way far as not having friends or having anyone to talk toand im always by myself. I too am going through a tough break up and need advice but the reason im trying to help you is because you're so young! im 33 so i will be ok even if noone helps me but you, you're too young to ever feel alone or feel like you have noone to talk too. look if you love him talk to him straight up and say you love him and you want to be with him and see what he is too short to hold in anything and to remain kissed someone else? is that all?? tell him get over it!! you didnt sleep with anyone else right? if not then stop beating your self up about it because life too short and you are so young to have to go through stress already..dealing with love is always hard but sweetie when you find yourself it gets easier for you to cope with everything in life. I think you're sweet just by what you say and I think if he really love you too this should be easy for yal to fix but you have to talk love!! talk to him let him know your confusion and see what he says.. then if he say he dnt want to get back together then you have to find a way to let him go distance yourself from him til you can handle being just friends and you will be ok..i promise you never know until you talk..i hope i helped a lil and just know im here whenever you need somone to talk to about anything because i hate for anyone to feel alone!!!
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