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hurt all of my lower back, they said 6 wks.

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Hello I am a fitness fanactic I weight train mostly but nearly 4 weeks I fell and hurt all of my lower back its very tight and sore to touch tender cannot stand it being touched still, I was told soft tissue damage muscles and ligaments and 6 weeks to heal I am walking every day I iced it for 3 weeks now I am having hot showers and warm baths but to me still does not feel like its healing how long does it take to heal???why do they say 6 weeks yet mine feels no better in 4 weeks and I have quit the gym for now so I am being sensible gentle walking every day ect squatting to pick things up
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replied September 19th, 2014
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why do they say 6 weeks yet mine feels no better in 4 weeks

MAYBE the tissue itself can heal in 6 weeks given no other ongoing condition.
Most likely you had an injury already coming on and the fall just put it over the top.
The injury will never heal, or heal correctly, until you get things back in place and moving. Until you do, the misalignment is pulling the healing surface apart in your back so they CANNOT heal. Think of it like a deep cut that requires stitches to hold the skin together until it heals.
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