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flashing lights, sparkle like things in my vision No new posts
DoctorQuestion  809 views
Last post: 11-24-2017 03:21am
lasik risks? No new posts
DoctorQuestion  1669 views
Last post: 10-24-2017 07:30am
couldn't see out right eyel vision returned after 20 min No new posts
DoctorQuestion  1019 views
Last post: 04-04-2017 13:55pm
Vibrating vision, Focusing problems on busy patterns. No new posts
vinymaximus  82493 views
Last post: 11-11-2017 06:40am
eye pain on rotating eye
Rahul96  3 views
Last post: 01-17-2018 15:34pm
Close each eye, OK: both open, not OK
expat1000  58 views
Last post: 01-16-2018 07:43am
Vision Problems In Night Driving
siddharthopt...  78 views
Last post: 01-15-2018 02:35am
Eye Trouble?
Not_so_Rich  146 views
Last post: 01-12-2018 01:30am
Pressure On Eyes Causing Nausea & Dizziness
lisamarie413  197 views
Last post: 01-11-2018 07:56am
Seeing Colored Spots No new posts
sharpjcjd  474887 views
Last post: 01-10-2018 12:28pm
Movement catching my eye. Smoke, objects crawling. Anyone know?
d39sj3  24909 views
Last post: 01-07-2018 10:21am
Which is the best way to estimate your eye pressure?
willone  107 views
Last post: 01-02-2018 12:00pm
I see tiny red dots in total darkness moving.. No new posts
slyshane  63278 views
Last post: 01-01-2018 05:59am
Homeopathic Remedy For Conjunctivitis
Venugopal  15868 views
Last post: 12-19-2017 02:24am
Ghosted vision driving me crazy
Dingding  1003 views
Last post: 12-17-2017 00:40am
ghosting halos vision changes!
marie1107  9259 views
Last post: 12-17-2017 00:36am
seeing things get small No new posts
Nestor1986  35914 views
Last post: 12-12-2017 01:17am
Is Lipiflow worth it?
jbstevens  248 views
Last post: 12-04-2017 15:13pm
Is Lipiflow worth it?
jbstevens  118 views
Last post: 12-04-2017 14:57pm
Vision problems
Td2290  245 views
Last post: 11-30-2017 22:33pm
Eye surgery to remove scar tissue due to high blood pressure
Ilovemykid  125 views
Last post: 11-28-2017 16:21pm
Sudden Persistent Blind Spot in Right Eye
visuallyfrus...  262 views
Last post: 11-26-2017 22:19pm
Deteriorating eye sight. Small bacterias?parasites? visible.
Miltiadem  123 views
Last post: 11-26-2017 10:52am
I have very slight double vision...?
gibzster  722 views
Last post: 11-24-2017 03:18am
Why does a image split when you unfocus your eye?
leonardo1212  144 views
Last post: 11-24-2017 01:35am
Vision Tracers?? No new posts
sherry24  66017 views
Last post: 11-16-2017 23:40pm
Tear Duct Problem
volfan81  125 views
Last post: 11-08-2017 13:30pm
Spinning lights No new posts
Suzn50  49312 views
Last post: 11-03-2017 07:09am
Bloodshot Eyes for years and nothing seems to help?
mrjim94  117 views
Last post: 11-02-2017 11:17am
Flashes of Color/light In Vision No new posts
callisto9  109180 views
Last post: 10-25-2017 17:12pm
Do I have dry eyes?
Gary_Wang  400 views
Last post: 10-24-2017 07:27am
Optical Coherence Tomography
OpticalCoher...  122 views
Last post: 10-24-2017 07:25am
Burning Eyes / Floaters - Please Help :)
redemption91  128 views
Last post: 10-24-2017 04:01am
Bright light / blindness while exercising No new posts
key2starz  53415 views
Last post: 10-22-2017 00:14am
I See Everything In Rapid Moving Colored Dots No new posts
catseye  13896 views
Last post: 10-20-2017 13:44pm
Should I tell optician about eye floaters?
Abilgail234  394 views
Last post: 10-18-2017 02:04am
involuntary eye rolling in 8yr old No new posts
smbell01  138148 views
Last post: 10-17-2017 16:57pm
Infection/scratch in eye causing vision to worsen
AC81  148 views
Last post: 10-10-2017 22:55pm
AMPPE and eye surgery.
PinkHedgehog  136 views
Last post: 10-03-2017 07:28am
Neurotrophic keratitis\ Dystrophic keratitis
Elicherni  314 views
Last post: 10-01-2017 06:33am
Problems focusing or moving gaze side to side with SOP,exotropia
sopster  283 views
Last post: 09-19-2017 19:39pm
I am seeing gears/cogs turning in the corner of my eye
avabo  253 views
Last post: 09-19-2017 15:08pm
I'm very scared about my eyes?
Carlee5373  182 views
Last post: 09-18-2017 20:26pm
Should i get a second opinion from eye doctor!
doggo  177 views
Last post: 09-14-2017 22:02pm
Colored dots
SweetMadness18  206 views
Last post: 09-01-2017 22:57pm
Ortho-K: Problem with close vision
STPR  254 views
Last post: 08-18-2017 14:28pm
Eye Pain Just From Reading a Few Words In a Book!!
jill1000  10229 views
Last post: 08-07-2017 17:45pm
Subconjunctival Hemorrhage!! Help needed!
ChrisEvans23  174 views
Last post: 07-31-2017 21:58pm
Could this be demodex mites?
hipokrytus  454 views
Last post: 07-31-2017 04:01am
Do I have a stye?
duran804  193 views
Last post: 07-27-2017 16:11pm
I see straight lines curved or bent
huzham  273 views
Last post: 07-27-2017 15:08pm
Pain in head and eye when I look to the side
mkiki  181 views
Last post: 07-24-2017 22:02pm
Foggy sight in the right eye
Yawner00  497 views
Last post: 07-14-2017 15:05pm
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