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lasik risks? No new posts
DoctorQuestion  4167 views
Last post: 04-10-2018 01:51am
flashing lights, sparkle like things in my vision No new posts
DoctorQuestion  2314 views
Last post: 11-24-2017 03:21am
Right eye would not close No new posts
DoctorQuestion  978 views
Last post: 08-26-2017 05:42am
Vibrating vision, Focusing problems on busy patterns. No new posts
vinymaximus  93228 views
Last post: 07-22-2018 03:22am
Nose obstructing vision/vision problems
kargo7  181 views
Last post: 07-28-2018 16:07pm
I see tiny red dots in total darkness moving.. No new posts
slyshane  72135 views
Last post: 07-25-2018 11:53am
Anyone here had eye surgery for blocked tear duct?
devochai  255 views
Last post: 07-20-2018 23:04pm
Blind spot in one eye, nothing else! No new posts
Weslie  72252 views
Last post: 07-18-2018 20:29pm
Eye,white blinding flash
Igor1111  270 views
Last post: 07-17-2018 19:45pm
Anxious about eye pressure test
pete231  275 views
Last post: 07-16-2018 07:13am
Migraine caused permanent visual damage
Mpk  22428 views
Last post: 07-07-2018 19:59pm
floaters eye
saeid1346  363 views
Last post: 07-03-2018 17:01pm
Vision and eyes please help
aaronh819  370 views
Last post: 06-25-2018 11:38am
Living With Strabismus - Do Eye Exercises Help? No new posts
MidnightToker  50791 views
Last post: 06-20-2018 07:21am
Eyelid feeling heavy, no drooping visible
worried_suff...  449 views
Last post: 06-19-2018 14:05pm
line of irregular triangles appears briefly to left of my field
Bairngley  636 views
Last post: 06-14-2018 03:27am
What are the best remedies to treat Swollen Eyelids?
WeMaLife  532 views
Last post: 05-29-2018 03:42am
Constant Pain/Pressure Behind Both Eyes (Seeking Help)
jamminsport  869 views
Last post: 05-26-2018 13:48pm
Constant pain in my eye next to pupil
dogje  552 views
Last post: 05-25-2018 18:10pm
Extruding scleral buckle
SpartanRacer  591 views
Last post: 05-15-2018 19:00pm
Corneal ulcer after laser surgery for glaucoma.
ginger49  1206 views
Last post: 05-12-2018 04:26am
Can I Have Contact Lenses And Glasses At the Same Time?
essans  8679 views
Last post: 05-09-2018 22:41pm
Eye Floater Removal
alveolar21  9895 views
Last post: 05-07-2018 09:21am
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