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HSV2 Whats the chances of a false negative ?

I had unprtected sex with someone who later found out that she was HSV2 positive. I tested three times since encounter. The last time I teste was six months after. Is this long enough to render a accurate result? Whats the chances of a false negative at six months post possible exposure? Should I stop worrying? I have been driving myself crazy and I dont know what to do. Doctor gave me 500mg of cipro for the itch I was feeling, but it didnt help. It made my face feel flush and made my anus and buttocks itch. after taking cipro, my buttocks began to feel like something is about to pop up at anytime. I'm dying for a piece of mind and for theses symptoms to go away. After reading about different symptoms, its like im developing them. Slight headache,stiff neck.
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replied May 13th, 2013
It depends on the tests taken. Swabs need to have a sore present to detect the virus. If there is no sore, the swab results will come back all the time as a false negative. However blood tests can be done to show if you are positive for herpes if no sore is present. If its been 6 months since the encounter it will show on a blood test.

Do not fear of the type. Certain clinics are now starting to stop differentiating between the types as it is so common and both types are starting to appear in different areas of the body.
Some clinics that used to do herpes testing for free are now charging 80$, simply because people are wasting their time asking for a test that will most certainly come back positive.

Type 1 is typically considered the '"less severe around the lips" however in some cases it is worse than some people who have type 2.

Also, it is more than likely that you had herpes before the encounter. Almost every person on this earth now has herpes, however 80% of the people that have it do not know they have it, and continuesly pass it on without realizing.
This disease is way over talked. So even if the blood tests come back positive, rememeber that the type no longer matters and that everyone will most likely contract it in their life. And to be honest, most of your friends have it, they just dont realize because they haven't had an outbreak that would cause them concern.
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