I have a question... I have a friend who has HSV2, we were intimate for seven years, but broke up two years ago. But I never contracted HSV2 from him. He has since had another relationship, but the woman did contract it from him. He is having the worst feelings of guilt that you can imagine, even though she knew about it, but continued the relationship anyway.
She has celiac, fibro myalgia, bulimia, among other things; I'm assuming her weakened immune system didn't help matters much. Unfortunately, she became very angry at contracting the disease and they have since broken up.
The problem is that his break outs, when he has them, are on the underside of the testicles, which will not be protected by a condom. The break outs have always been in the same place. He is now afraid to ever get involved with anyone again for fear of transmitting this disease.
Is there any way he can protect a future partner at all with the location of his break outs? I had heard about using vaseline over the area where the break outs usually occur to create a barrier, even when there is no break out, as this is the weakened area?
I have also heard of a gel called 'tenofovir', which is supposed to reduce the transmission of HIV and even HSV2 drastically. I'd like to find more information on that as well.
I hate to see him like this..he's so beyond depressed about all this and the guilt is tearing him up. He's had HSV2 for a lot of years, but has been so careful. This is the first time anyone has ever contracted it from him.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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