I think I got oral herpes and have some questions.

I was seeing a guy. We made out a few times, just kissing. About one week after last time I came home from work with extreme fatigue, spend one and two days like that and fatigue went away. Right that time some bump developed on my lip. It seemed like a small pimple with a bit pain when touching it and nothing more. I even asked my sister if that is herpes and she said no. (She got oral herpes so I thought she'd know.)

That pimple went away in two three days but left behind an extremely dry skin at the specific area where it developed. For two weeks I had that extremely dry skin condition. They came and go and on specific but different points. Bul always on the right half of my upper lip.

Last week I got painful lymph nodes. When I check, I found the nodes in my neck and collarbone are extremely enlarged. They still hurt and for three weeks I had some minor flu like symptoms, fatigue, muscle pain, sore throat etc. They just come and go. However, my main problem is the lymph nodes. They hurt all over the neck and collarbone creating a huge discomfort.

So my question is, did I get HSV, can it cause such symptoms during?
Or can it be something else?

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