I have swollen lymph nodes in my groin and in my neck. It all started after I hung out with a guy. We never had sex because none of us had a condom at that moment. But we performed oral on each other and he also fingered me. (I think this is a risk factor because he also touched his penis before that). This happened a few time. After 1 weeks after the first time we made out I woke up with an intense pain in my right ovary. The pain did go away in 3 or 4 days and after that I totally forgot about it. Then like one week before my next period I had pain right side of my uterus and my period was late 4 days and there was quite heavy flow. Pain never went away but diminished with every period. My hormone levels changed. For almost 3 months I couldn't lie on my left side because I feel like there is a mass in my right groin area and it tries to move down and it kinda hurt. And after the second period after event I had something like vaginal thrush with excess amount of discharge but the thing is there was no smell or color. While the situation is awkward with my uterus a burnish tinglish feeling occurred in right side of my groin. Next month with period I had it on both side. This feeling is like burning, tingling and it occurs in inner thighs, groin and right side of lower abdominal. Till that day I never thought of an STD because I had all the pain on my right side, I had no discharge showing something was wrong. I thought it was something about my ovary. I still get tested though and blood work and urine work came out normal. I had no STD.

But almost 3 months after first we made out I had a sore throat for no reason and it didn't get any better for like 3 weeks. I had excessive night sweats. I was always exhausted and cold. My armpits hurt. I had headache almost all the time. With these symptoms I had testes for HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. It all came out negative again.

Anyway then I noticed bumps on both sides on my groin. I went to doctor and confirmed (via ultrasound) they are lymph nodes. (about 15 x 5 mm both side) She suggested STD tests again which came out clean again and she put me on antibiotics for swollen lymph nodes. But the swelling didn't go away. She suggested me to see another doctor so I went.

This time she tested me for cancer. A full blood work was done and it was normal. She said there is nothing to worry, there is nothing wrong and lymph nodes aren't that big so there is no need for a biopsy. I had pneumonia at the end of may. With that a few more swollen nodes popped up and they also didn't go away. Also I got sore throat but it also didn't go away and now I can see white and brown spots in my throat. At this point it occurred to me it can be HPV. But is it possible I can get HPV from him fingering me?

I can feel something is wrong. I lost a lot of weight in this process. I can't eat properly. I feel full after a small amount of food and I don't even get hungry. I get exhausted very easily. After a tiring day(well for others it's just a normal day) I get sick with fever and night sweats. My immune system doesn't really work. I am always cold. Even after a slip of cold water I get sore throat. Even a breeze can make me have cold. The nodes hurt sometimes but especially when I'm sick. Some of them soft and movable or fixed, some of them are hard and fixed.

Please help, I need advice.
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