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HPV , cervicitis and PID

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Today I found out that I have HPV as well as cervicitis and PID. All of these are cause of cervical cancer. Does anyone know the likelihood of whether or not it could be cancer? I am scheduled to have an ultrasound done in two days and also to have a colposcopy done in seven days. Has anyone else had all three of these things and not contracted cervical cancer?
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replied June 16th, 2009
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Infection with high-risk HPV can cause a precancerous changes of cervical mucosa leading to cervical cancer overtime, but, this happens very rarely.
In most of the cases, the HPV infection is cleared out from the body within two years (the body's immune system fights off the virus, and the infection goes away without any treatment).
PID isn't directly associated with the risk for cervical cancer.
Actually, it is established that women with PID just have greater chances for HPV infection, than the ones without PID.
STD that begins at the cervix, like Chlamydia infection, can spread further affecting other genital organs, leading to PID.
Cervicitis can be sign of infection, cancer, trauma, and left untreated leads to PID, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, cervical cancer.
You may have all of these conditions and still to be free of cervical cancer, but, it is important to treat all of them.

First, start boosting your immune system!
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