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HPV carrier ?

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Ill try to make this short. I have had a few PROTECTED sexual encounters with a girl who I had really only known for about two weeks. Last night she thought it was the right time to tell me that six years ago she was treated for cervical cancer cells and a leep treatment because of HPV. She said that for the past five years her Pap smears have been normal and no issues, as a matter of fact shes going Monday for her yearly pap smear. My question is now could I be a carrier of this virus? If her tests are clear would that mean her virus is inactive, and if so can a inactive virus be spread? I'm not worried about the health effects it would have on me because there really isnt any. I'm worried for a girlfriend down the road who may not have been exposed to anything. If a future girlfriend received the shot to protect against it, and the virus type I was exposed to (If I even was) is one that the shot protected against would she be clear? I know that there is a lot of questions and its because theres no answers that ive found to be 100% or that werent assumptions. Thank you in advance.
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replied May 8th, 2009
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yes a virus that is inactive can still be spread...if the virus is one of the 4 strands that gardasil protects against then she should be fine so long as shes had all three shots...
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