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HPV- Cancerous kind

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I have tested positive for HPV after having an abnormal pap last year. Again this year I also have another abnormal pap and am scheduled for a colposcopy next month. My question is since the virus has started making the changes in the cells of my cervix does that mean I am still contagious? Is this something that will always remain with me and possibly infect any partner I am with?

Also, that are the chances of spreading HPV to my partner? (I have not been intimate with my current partner) I know that condoms are very important, but that there is also a chance he can still get it, even when using condoms and protection during oral sex.
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replied April 30th, 2012
HPV transmission
If your pap has still come back abnormal then yes, you are contagious. Even if your pap comes back normal, you can still be contagious according to my Dr. Men are most often carriers, they don't show normally symptoms of HPV. But if he contracts it he could then give it to future partners.

Yes, unfortunately it is still possible for you to transmit HPV to your partner even with a condom, but it is less likely. For instance if your fluids came into contact with any part of his penis he could contract it. And while it might be possible for him to contract throat cancer from giving you oral sex, it is extremely rare.
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