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HPV-1 but question about HPV-2

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I have HPV-1 and have since I was a baby thanks to my mother. My husband thinks he may have HPV-2 from me but I have never had a break out that I know of and dont feel any of the symptoms but he gets break outs. I talk to a doctor about it and he said that it is possible for me to have givin my husband HPV-1 down there. He wont go get tested cause he is scared to death of any bad result and would rather try to ignore it. I would like to know that if it is HPV-2 and I gave it to him, if it is possible that I am a carrier with no break outs and just never knew it. I have not gotten any complaints about it from anyone else I have been with but I dont doubt my husbands faith to me either. Any suggestions? Thank you! nurse
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