I recently got a pap smear and it came out normal; however, I am hpv positive. It is high risk HPV and my doctor told me nothing changes and that I have nothing to worry about because a lot of people get HPV and it usually goes away between 1 and 2 years. Then she recommended that I get tested for STDs because I guess I could have a slightly higher chance of having an STD if I have HPV, which I don't really understand because I've done a lot of research on HPV in the last few days and I never saw anything about there being a higher chance. Anyways, I got tested for STDs and I am still waiting for the results. I feel like I would know if I had an STD by now because everything I've read about STDs says that the symptoms usually show up pretty soon after being exposed. I know that people can have STDs without knowing, so obviously it's stupid to assume that, but still. I have never had any symptoms related to STDs. I have had sex with 4 guys. 1 guy was over 3 years ago, 1 was over 2 years ago, 1 was 8 months ago, and 1 was in the past month. None of the guys have had STDs or have had any symptoms of them and the last guy wore a condom everytime. I guess I am just looking for a little comfort while I wait for my results. I feel like I don't have an STD, but it is still never-racking waiting for the results.
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replied March 24th, 2013
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Human papilloma virus (HPV) is contracted through sexual contact with a partner who has HPV. It is considered to be the most commonly contracted STD. So, since you have had contact to get the HPV, it is also possible that you could have contracted another STD. Thus, when HPV is detected, it is common procedure to test for other STDs.

There are several STD that do not have any symptoms (or ones that can be missed). So, it is good to be tested.

It is true that most people who contract HPV, it will go away on its own. However, repeated exposure to it can cause some problems. In women, it can be the cause of cervical cancer. This is why there has been a vacination developed for HPV.

Try not to worry about your tests. The good thing is that almost all STDs can be treated successfully. And, it is best to diagnosis anything while it is still in the early stages.

Good luck.
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