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How will a doctor diagnose adult ADHD or ADD?

I'm thinking about going to the doctors soon to see about getting tested for ADHD or ADD. I've read many things about the diagnosis of ADHD but I was just wondering what procedures a doctor would be likely to take, or If you've been diagnosed what kind of things did your doctor do or ask to diagnose you?

Here are some questions I'd like answered:

Do they refer you to a pshycologist or someone that specialises in ADHD?
If so (even if not) how do they diagnose you?

Will they ask for childhood history from other people than yourself? Do you have to provide childhood school reports? What if you don't have any old school reports? Will they observe me?

I struggle when it comes to verbally explaining my thoughts, so do you think the doctor would mind if I wrote down some symptoms and how they affect me?

When booking a doctors appt. do you think it's worth mentioning that I may require my appt. to take longer than the usual 5 - 10 minute slot?

and also

How long will it take to make a diagnosis?

Basically I'd just like more info on how they diagnose regarding the steps and procedures taken to diagnose successfully. Any extra information would be wonderful.

Thank you wave
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First Helper bkrazyh

replied June 26th, 2013
My doc had me take (a paper copy) this test.
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replied July 1st, 2013
Hi bkrazyh! - I have taken that test and had overall results of 48. (can't remember what they were seperately)and it said that It was more likely of the combined type.

I went to my Dr. on Wednesday and he was absolutely useless! He dismissed everything and said he didn't think I had ADHD, because "I was fine" yet I was in there for about 2-3 minutes and he just said no to everything before I could even explain in detail. It was almost as if as soon as I mentioned ADHD, he thought I was a time waster. I've had bloods taken and I'll be phoning this week to see if any results are back.

My college lecturers advised me to get checked, and my friend who I met 2 years ago studied childcare and did a unit on ADHD, said that she'd always thought I had ADHD, but was keeping it to myself for personal reasons and was shocked when I said I was worried and hadn't ever been diagnosed!

Thanks for your reply Smile
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replied October 27th, 2014
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Is already familiar with you and your medical history.Is usually easier to see for an appointment.Can prescribe medications if needed.Less expensive.
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