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how were you finally able to be diagnosed ? I'm 28

I have been dealing with health problems for years now, and I'm 28 now. It seems like it has all gotten worse this year. I was diagnosed with a bladder disease (Interstitial Cystitis) and told I have possible Fibromyalgia. I've made a list of my main symptoms and I'd like to compare it to those of you who ARE diagnosed already to see if mine are similar. I'd also love to know how others were finally able to be diagnosed and if you deal with any stigma or negative attitudes from doctors because of it?
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replied July 11th, 2014
Here is the list:
Fibro symptoms(?):

Dizziness, extremity weakness

Insomnia, trouble sleeping

Fatigue...sleeping several times
throughout the day, hardly feel rested

Hand/wrist/foot/ankle/hip pain

Degenerative disc disease

IC bladder pain (intense and chronic) from histamine/Mast Cells

Muscle pain all over, worse at night

Hot flashes sweating for no reason

Weird foggy feelings

Panic attacks

Frequent infections
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replied November 30th, 2014
I am 24 and I have all of your symptoms except foe the degenerative disc disease. I still havent been able to find out what is wrong, but I believe its more than fibromyalgia. It has gotten so bad that I basically have no life. I can't work, cook, clean, or go anywhere for long. I really hope that you find answers because I know how difficult it is to suffer with no help.
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replied July 24th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
I have all of the above. discovered fibromyalgia in 1998 and traced it back to before 1958....I was born in mother had something with muscles....never knew what it was...bur she used a rolling pin to roll the muscles.........I used to sit in hot water with baking soda.....then used the whirlpool but now can't get into the tub so I use a hot shower. Non of the meds work for me. I take alprazolam RX 1 before bed. Problems with back, joints, sleeping and doing anything for more than 15 minutes............I have to lay down just to sleep until after & on until 630-7am.......problems with bladder & bowel...I am on yearly low dose of antibiotics for bladder. I am trying a pessary for the bladder. I have an interstim for the bladder. I do light cleaning and have someone come 2 times a week to help me. I can lift more than 10 lbs. I do drive but it hurts my hips & lower back and neck. I stay away from food dyes, artificial colors and clothes made from polyester. Very hard to get cotton. I get lucky at the church stores & wash everything right away and into the dryer. I use only cotton or flannel sheets. Cotton towels, material shoes of a breathing style. I am allergic to perfume, hair dye, make-up, most shampoo, cake soap. I use clear & free liquid detergent to wash the clothes. I use baking soda & vinegar to clean things including the tub, toilet & sinks and I add it to the washer. I do the floors with steam and use a vac that has a throw away bag with a hepa filter. I have a garden in the summer & cook & freeze. I used to can but that became too much for me. I do not smoke or drink or allow anyone in my home that does.
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