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Are you interested in stopping smoking?
Need some encouragement or looking for people trying to do the same?

Our Stop Smoking Forum is a great place to share and receive encouragement in this important effort!

You may also want to find support through pairing up with another forum member as a "non-smoking buddy" via Private Message. Here is some information you may want to include in posts or private messages in your efforts to stop smoking:

# cigarettes per day:
Want to reduce smoking? Y/N
Goal for reduction:
Want to stop smoking? Y/N
Date of last cigarette:
Biggest concern regarding smoking:
Biggest obstacle to stopping:

For your own safety, use discretion when sharing personal info via PM - we don't recommend sharing contact info or email addresses. And please let admin know if anyone misuses the the information or contacts you to advertise/sell something.

We wish you success in your quest for health and to Stop Smoking!

With best regards from the Admin Team

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