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How to tell when the cervix is closed or open?

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Dear experts:

I would like to know if the cervix of a woman that past menopause is always closed? Since they will no longer have a period? Besides, do post menopause women still have Cervical mucus? Thank you for answering my question!
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replied February 1st, 2012
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No, your genitals goes back to pre-pubertal conditions. Cervix closed, very little cervical mucus, no observable cycle in the cervix height, firmness, mucus or openness, no PMS, thinning vaginal wall, labia and shrinking clitoris. Of course there are exceptions to this, especially if you do hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

If you do not do so already, this is the time to start masturbating to keep your vagina and vulva healthy and functional. Just make sure you use lubricant and don't rub too hard. The sexual arousal cycle, orgasm and the hormones from orgasms does wonders for you and keeps your vagina healthy and functioning.

Take care.
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