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how to talk about getting pregnant

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well me and my boyfriend have been together for two and a half years. and we have lived together for two of them. i have been on birth control the whole time. well except for this last month i was really lazy on taking it. we have almost always used a condom except every once and a while we pull out. well this situation has hit me out of no where. everyone around me is pregnant. i have talk to by boyfriend about it and we were thinking sbout waiting a year and a half. which at the time sounded good. but just recently some thing has come over me that makes me want to get pregnant and have a baby. i haven't told him about my want yet. and i dont know if i should. i really want one and i try and think of all the negatives to make me wait but they just don't work. and i think that if i got pregnant that i would want to get pregnant in september or october becuase then i would have the baby during the summer and wouldn't have to worry about missing time form college. i don't know what to do.
please help!!
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replied September 29th, 2008
Take your time
I know all about wanting a baby, and how you want to do anything to conceive one. But let me tell you that having a child should be a mutual agreement between 2 people that are ready to have a child. If you were to sneak and get pregnant by not taking your birth control, you could loose your man and potentially the father of your child. Make sure it is the right time. And be sure you know that babies only stay babies for so long, so if you are immediatly running back to college after giving birth, you will have alot less time to spend with your child. My advise would be to finish school first (at least 2 years) and then re-talk it over with your boyfriend and maybe talk about marriage. Use your mind.
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