Why can it not stop? This bulimia of mine has become so bad that it is impairing my ability to go to work, to do the normal things people do! I am afraid, I can not even go to work for fear of other people thinking I have gained weight and I measure myself all the time. It is freaking me out, every time I start to get better...a mere few weeks is the longest I have been able to control it for. Why? I want OUT of this eating disorder and it seems to have become a ticket to hell. I hate my body...it is so out of proportion and my thinking has become warped. I can not bare the thought of seeing people who I knew before when I was skinnier. I can not. The anxiety is overwhelming. I eat, and I worry and I fricken eat and eat and then spew it all up and then I STILL gain weight but I can't stop it now. I want OUT.
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replied March 16th, 2008
have you talked to anyone about this face to face? you need to get this under controle a.s.a.p.......u are seriously hurting ur body!!! please go see ur g.p and get da tretment u need..there are lots of people in your shoes u should try finding a local support group where you can meet people who know what ur going through!
This disorder is doing you no favours when it comes to weight loss, your body if anything will store more fat than a person who eats healty as it tryn to store as much energy (fat) as possible before you make yourself sick again...
please let me no how you get on and dont be ashamed to talk about this to your g.p,their there to help..not judge
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