Hi everyone,

I am at a total loss on where to start. I asked about the Zone Diet but during my research, I heard about a bunch of other diets. Do calories count or not? and why?

Should I only do cardio? What is the best cardio exercise?


I hope you guys can guide me on where to start...

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replied June 14th, 2009
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Here are my tips on how to lose some. First here are some essentials of a weight loss. If you start eating less you feel hungry. WHY? Body tries to protect itself, once you cut some food and your body used to get food it wants some extra. Good part of it that it only lasts for a couple of weeks when you reprogram your brain on eating less and everything gets normal.

here are the tips.
-No food after 6-7 PM, have your final meal before 6. Do not eat anything before you go to bed, if you can't handle that at first eat a little bit of vegetables when you go to bed.
-Drink water, no soda no juices. If you don't like water, drink the unsweetened tea.
-Stop eating bread and pasta.
-Forget about fat free or low fat products. Eat regular food. Fat free products do not do any good. (you can google more about that).
-You do not need to do extreme cardio, just walk everyday, 40 minutes of walking can do the trick.
-Don't just stop eating, eat but eat less, have a schedule for lunch dinner and supper. (When I was losing some I still ate some cookies, ice cream and things I like. Over wise the diet becomes a real torture.)
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