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How to satisfy my wife

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I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with. I have been married for 14 years and have never made my wife climax without some artificial help, such as vibrating devices. I have come close twice during sex but I didn't last long enough. My wife informed me that she has never had an orgasm without artificaial help. One problem is that I can't last long enough. I have tried products like maintain, but they just make both of us numb. So I guess I have two questions: #1 how to make my wife orgasm without using some sex store device. And #2 is there anything that could help me last longer without having to drink a twelve pack of beer.
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replied October 11th, 2008
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the good news is that the problem isn't yours or your wife's.

her design is such that it just simply takes some kind of external clitoral stimulation to make her cum. aside from trying to do it in a couple of different positions (one of which i'll describe in a minute), there's nothing you can do other than to add a device or fingers, etc.

before i discuss the position, though, i think you need to focus on your goal. what's the problem? your lady and you have sex together, and both of you, during the course of making love, have orgasms. to me it sounds like there is NOT a problem...try not to turn the reality of her sexual design into an ego battle for you. don't take it personally that you haven't been able to make it happen, because 96% of guys cannot make an orgasm happen for their ladies without some kind of clitoral stimulation which YOUR PENIS is not designed to do for her.

now...on to the position. you lay on your back and let her get on top of you. this allows her to "sit" down on your penis and sort of grind her clitoris against your body (just above your penis). this may help her cum. also it feels dang good to you (so says my b/f). this is the only position that i have personally been able to eek out an orgasm with my b/f, but even that involves having something stimulate my clit. note that it is just a "hands free" way of accomplishing it.

so now you have it. you are not designed to give her an orgasm just by sticking your penis inside her and moving it around. or she isn't designed to have an orgasm by you sticking your penis inside her and moving it around. either way, the result is the same.

as long as both of you are capable of having an orgasm during your lovemaking sessions, i don't think it matters if you have to have a weedeater in the dang bed. sexual pleasure isn't about accomplishment, it's just about pleasure. whatever makes it happen for her, just be happy she actually CAN have an orgasm (or 3)... Smile

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replied October 17th, 2008
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Jasmine made a good point, I believe there is only about 4% of the population who can reach orgasm simply by intercourse, the rest of use have to have double stimulation or merely just clitoral stimulation.

Unfortunatly sounds like she falls into the catergory of normal woman, therefore either work with it or don't, good luck buddy!
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replied January 15th, 2010
my humble advice is the pre sex games like the vocal sex and/or sex games(no funny tools) just get the partner in the mood and as long as he is in the mood then ur half way there.

some people forget about important stuff, u should focus on what turn ur partner (clothe,perfume,hair,looks....) this stuff goes a long way and give u a chance to be in touch with the other side of u, and before u know u will be able to achieve imaginary picture of the whole sex before it starts and u can get more control of ur self so just know that u r a man/woman and god made u to perfect ur partner u only need to crack the code and this is sooo easy if u listen.

pay more attention to the partner even if u already do this way u can notice what to do and what not to do, above all remimber to pick sutible places, positions, enviroment and dont make the worest mistake never scagual the sex on the calender let it just happen.
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replied June 24th, 2015
It's what her clitoris is used to, some of us women make it hard because we've used tools to help us along the way, for me personally I can't cum through plain old penetration only if I'm on top as someone else has mentioned and I grind on my partner! If not I use a little tool whilst he penetrates and he's happy that I'm happy, we both reach our goal and are both pleased Wink
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