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How to relieve pressure with bedsores?


my grandma recently got bedsores and she is in a lot of pain. We don't live near hear so we can't help her directly. but she has a nanny and other family members who look after her. we tried to move her every couple of hours to relieve the pressure, but each time it's getting more and more painful.

please let us know any alternatives that are less painful and will help my grandma get better soon.

thank you.
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replied April 16th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

The only way to prevent and heal bedsores (pressure sores) is to get the pressure off. Prevention is of utmost importance, because getting sores to heal in a frail person is very difficult.

Special mattresses that distribute the weight are very good, but are expensive. Egg crate foam is sometimes helpful. But, it comes down to moving and relieving the pressure.

To get sores to heal, the patient has to be in a proper metabolic state. Often the elderly don't eat well, and they don't have the protein in the blood (albumin) to heal wounds. Make sure your grandmother's diet is the best possible, with supplements as needed.

But, again, the skin pressure has to be relieved and frequent turning, sitting up, and getting up to ambulate (if at all possible) are the best ways. These methods are also good for the respiratory system. Pneumonia is very common in bed bound patients.

Good luck.
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replied April 16th, 2011
Hi Gaelic, thank you for your reply. I will look into the things that you've mentioned.
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