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How to make a child listen to you without yelling at him?

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How to make a child listen to you without yelling at him.

Any good technique?
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replied February 26th, 2014
Well they're some techniques in which you can use with this situation you have and well you have to see both points. In what i mean by both points is how the kid is acting towards in how you treat him. They're different parenting styles which you have to understand every parent is different due to past reference or cultural beliefs but at the end of your day you are the role model who is molding this child to be who you want him/her to be. In certain times you may feel to yell to get a point across but what may be better is show your parental demandingness, is easily explained as setting down rules and expectations for behavior and you want them to follow them. Secondly is your parental responsiveness which is your concern towards your childs need , desire and how you express love and warmth. As a parents you may have to keep reinforcing things because children yet to learn what you know as an adult.
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