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How to live after so many heartbreaks...?

For over 5 years now, one after the other, woman after woman, I have finally found (or thought and believed wholeheartedly) the one of my life, the woman, who is the one to spend the rest of this life with, happened to be the third-in-a-row who has cheated on me and left me, despite me taking her back after the first time she left me for someone; I took her back because I love her so much; year after year, life goes on, we get older ... being nearly 30 now, after so many whom have broken me and cheated on me, what is it, that is necessary to be alive in this world? What gives women the right to tell those true men who have devoted themselves to them, that they 'Love you truly' and then cheat and leave/disappear just like that? Time after time, forgiveness after forgiveness, this happens to me. What gives? If you're a woman and you're reading this, what is it? Why has this country/world changed so much in the last decade that it's almost impossible to find love and life?

I have written a book for this one ... I have devoted my life to her; time after time, forgiveness and acceptance, while they take your heart again and again, stop and forget you. What must a man do ...
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replied March 8th, 2009
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Hi sorry to hear that you have been hurt so many times.....I personally can't understand why SOME woman find the need to hurt a man...A man who loves her with all his heart because if the man was to cheat on the woman it would all be like oh he's a pig and there all the same and blah blah....But the reality is that some woman are this bad and think they can hurt whoever they want and some men also think they can do this as well......I don't know why it cant be like it used to be where when you fell in love thats it you know together forever! To answer your question what is it? I don't know because i would never in a million years cheat on my partner no matter what happened even if he did it to me am not the sort of woman to play "revenge" either i just belive that if someone can cheat on someone they are suppose to love then they are not the person you thought they were and they are not worth your time or upset. There will be a right person out there for you..just be patient and she will find you.....Good luck....Jenny
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replied May 8th, 2009
you asked the women a question. but you have to understand the some women had been cheated on, dump, physically, mentally, verbally, sexually, and emotionally abused by their boyfriends.

you don't have to stay after you find out a women has cheated, you can be the one that leaves. i understand you stay b/c of love.
Your not saying anything that i havnt been through myself. my story is much worse than yours.
are you picking a certain type of women and getting these results. for example when i was young i like the thug type guys and that never worked for me.
have you had any problems in your sex life?
finding a good person is like finding a needle in a haystack. your in the boat with some many people, like myself.

i m 32 y.o and i struggle with the same thing.
sometimes in relationships it may be one serious (marriage minded person) and the other person just want to have fun. you have to look in the haystack to find that needle. be very judgmental when it comes to picking women. dont ignore the red flags. be strong and be positive.
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