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How to know you're pregnant while on birth control?

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Im pissed off at my doctor because she failed to inform me numerous things about birth control before I got on it. Anyways.. I finished my first packet of BC and I had what I thought was my period only to learn online that its basically a fake period from your body not having hormones in it & blahblabhlah.

My question is how are you supposed to know if you're pregnant while on birth control?

If you're not taking BC and you get your period.. you're fine.

Since theres no periods when taking birth control.. how am I supposed to know Im safe & not pregnant the next time I start bleeding? Can you assume you're not pregnant once you get your withdrawal bleeding?
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replied July 27th, 2013
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you have periods when you are on birth control. It is not menstruation, but withdrawal bleeding. But is is still called your period. If you are pregnant, you will not get withdrawal bleeding.

You should not expect to get pregnant while taking your birth control pills as prescribed.

Please read the patient insert you got with the pill pack. Take particular note of the warnings and what to do if you are late or miss a pill.

Best of luck!
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