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how to kill virus HIV-AIDS

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Animals used enzymes convert organic chemicals: Lipid and protein, ... energy into raising living body, such as energy absorber to raising living cells, the division in the body and stimulates born cells and raising living body, while the organic substances are destroying part. HIV-AIDS virus are: (Envelope protein, Matrix proteins, protein Capsule), HIV Virus attacks Cell, T-cell (CD45), when to penetrate Cells, T-cell (CD45) in the immune system, they Break out, then stick them on the cell surface, the Transmembrane Glycoprotein (gp120-HIV virus) attacking T-cell (CD45), and spread quickly causing reduction in T-cell (CD45). And in T-cell (CD45) are: (Cytokine, Anti-Cytokine antibody, Fluorescent conjugate), Fluorescent in T-cell (CD45) have the seeds electron, so use the electron stream are low-intensity stimulation will be born T-cell (CD45), and the cancellation protein (the body uses protein in the development of hair, that the treatment of cancer with laser also lose hair , so electron killed protein. The effect of the causes physical, such as ultraviolet, ultrasonic waves ... Or chemical factors such as acid, strong alkaline, salt heavy metals, ... the structural level two, level three and four of the protein changes but were not disrupted the structure of a level 1, accompanied it is the changing nature of the protein compared with the original, the loss of the biological original, the ability to take charge, the ability to hold water decrease, reduction of dissolved as the roadmap groups kỵ countries already go to inside the protein molecule. It is a phenomenon changes the protein. From then use the appropriate electron stream will stimulate T-cell development and kill the virus HIV (which is the main protein). Treatment of patients with AIDS in electron with experimental method appropriate for a long time expect the HIV-virus will disappear.
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replied December 20th, 2008
have you try using that methods in the laboratory , get a mouse infected with the virus HIV and electricity lines have used strength mmA 3-10, the voltage 1-1,5 capital to capital 2.5 or higher. what I say is not only a theory that I has practical, but I can not advertise widely, if you dont believe you can try. medicines can not kill HIV , what you are doing is simply pumping antibiotics into the body. if you do not believe conflict electricity can kill the virus completely HIV you can try a mouse with HIV, I think you're not serious about the issues, I say that you just reply to completion, lets try its easy but you need patience.