I am having sinus problem from last 6 years, any time i start to get cold and it continues untill i take medicines, have taken medicine for more than 3 months this year. Problem is in control as long as i take medicine but once i stop taking medicines i start to get cold, during this i get sever headache, pain in my upper cheaks and gastric problem in my stomach, lack of breath while sleeping and sometimes a few stringy thread comes out of my eye.

My Questions are:
1. Is there a permanent solution to this problem, I donot want to be on medication for my entire life ?
2. How gastic problem is related to cold and sinus ?
3. While sleeping i face difficulty in breating, I could not sleep utill i take "Budamate200" capsule. What is causing breating problem is it the sinus or the gastic problem in stomach ?
4. What is the stringy thread comming out of my eyes ? My doctor says it is the mucus ?

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replied June 28th, 2019
Hi.. For serious sinus problem you can go for the surgery and take proper suggestion from the ENT Specialist doctors. The gastric problem is the side effect of sinus problem. The breathing problem may be the cause of sinus so I recommend you to go for proper and complete diagnosis with specialist doctor.
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