Are you in stress due to infertility? Do you want to know how to get pregnant fast without any risk?
So first you need to know , what are the causes creates problem getting pregnant? Below I am describing some reasons. Read it carefully. I am sure that if you would do all the things consider the following points , then you will be definitely pregnant safely.
The first reason may be smoking. Either you or your partner having the habit of smoking then it will create a hindrance when you are trying to conceive. The second reason is use of drug and alcohol .You should avoid it. It is the main cause of irregular periods in women. Alcohol does not affect much but if you want increase your chance of getting pregnant sooner then you should consider it.
The third one is diet. You should get a healthy diet. Getting pregnant is not a easy task as you know all very well .So many organs of the body take part during the pregnancy. So for proper functioning of all the organs your body should be healthy .Eat green vegetables (leaf lettuce, kale, collard greens, etc.),fruits and whole grains. Drink more and more water daily.
Other reasons are lack of exercise , stressful life style ,being overweight ,poor intercourse timing and some physical issues.
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replied February 2nd, 2010
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Actually heavy drinking can cause sperm problems. Drinking while you are trying to become pregnant-for a woman-even a small amount is not a good idea. There is no known safe amount for pregnancy. Usually woman don't know that they are pg until after they have missed a period. It's during this time that some of the worst damage, known as fetal alcohol syndrome, can be done. TY for letting me get my Public Service Announcement in there Smile
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