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How to get diagnosed in the early stage / at a young age.

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Lately, I've noticed my legs have been jumpy and twitchy. I googled it out of boredom, and when ms came up, I was drawn to it because my aunt has it. I've experienced blurred vision. I used to have phenomenal vision. Now I can't read things I used to be able to. It comes and goes. I'm always exhausted. Even if I get twelve hours of sleep, I'll come home from school and fall asleep over homework. I've stopped taking showers because they exhaust me so much I can't stand (don't worry, I switched to baths. I'm still hygienic, aha). But scariest was about five days where I was so exhausted. I can't explain it, it was like a tiredness that went beyond mere physical reasons. I asked my boyfriend to come over because I was so unsteady I was afraid I'd fall and hit my head.

So I think I have it. I know my body well and I've gotten numerous injuries/illnesses in the past year and I wasn't wrong about a single one. My question is, how do I get diagnosed? I've only had one episode (if it was that) and I think it might be too early for lesions to appear. On the other hand, I keep reading about how important prompt treatment is. Will they take a 17 year old seriously? What tests can I have done?

Thank you for your help, any is appreciated.
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