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How to get clindamycin phosphate gel without a prescription

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Alright so clindamycin phosphate gel is a prescription antibiotic used to treat acne and infections of the skin. About a year ago my grandfather had been prescribed some after a surgery. He ended up giving it to me for my acne. It cleared up my skin very well but unfortunately I ran out of it. I'm breaking out again and would like to get some more as over the counter products (including benzoyl peroxide) have never worked for me. The problem is that this stuff is prescription only. I have no health insurance and when people tell me to "see my doctor" I have no idea what they are talking about. I have not been to a doctor in years, and actually I've never been sick or hurt enough to need to see one. I do not want to get health insurance since I wouldn't really need it.

I went to an urgent care center (it's like a minute clinic) the other day and asked them if they would prescribe me it. They said I would have to pay 90$ for a full checkup (not including the cost of the medication) and that they couldn't guarantee the doctor would prescribe it. This wouldn't be so bad except that the prescription would only be good for about 2 weeks. Which means the next time I run out (which granted would take a while) I'd have to shell out another 90$ just to be told I had acne and was otherwise fine. I called a dermatology clinic in town and they basically told me (rudely) the same thing (only now the cost was 130+$, again with no guarantee of being prescribed anything).

Now this seems ridiculous. Why should I have to get a prescription for something as harmless as acne medication? I know exactly what I want so I'm not paying for expertise. Essentially I'm being robbed just to get 'permission' to buy something that is non-narcotic and whose side-effects (which I never experienced when I used it before) are trivial. This is basically the same type of scam as paying for a prescription for glasses or birth control.

But anyways. I was hoping someone could point out where I could get this medication without a prescription or get an indefinite prescription for this stuff. I've searched through lots of sites online and most of them are fake sites trying to sell me viagra and the handful that are real require me to fax a copy of the prescription or provide them with a doctor's contact information. I should clarify that I couldn't care less whether I get the medication illegally and I'm not looking for a lecture on the merits of prescriptions or the health care system. Also I really don't want to get health care insurance (I can afford it, I'd just rather spend that money on things I'll actually use).
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