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How to enlarge my breast

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I am going to be 20 in june n my breast r too small help me how to increase them
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replied May 1st, 2017
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There are no such thing as a "too small" breast. You may not be happy with their size, but that does not mean it is too small.

There is just one way to enlarge your breasts - cosmetic surgery called breast enlargement. No ointments, secret formulas, herbs, rubs, massages, food, pills can increase your breasts safely or significantly.

Your breasts are mostly fat and milk ducts. So if you get fatter, your breasts will also get fatter and bigger. But that is not good, and your breasts tissue may stretch and sag when you do that.

You are much more than just 2 breasts. Your breasts are just a part of what makes you unique. It does not say anything about your femininity. It does not get you a better boyfriend or husband. Many men actually think women with small breasts are attractive, rather than the other way around. Most men are not boithered by your breast size, but by your personality and what sort of person you are.

Take care
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