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How to deal with pre-teens that just refuse to listen.

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Hello my name is Labennett Im a mother of troubled teens that think they know it all.I cant seem to get them to obey me so Im thinking next probation.Ive been so stressed because I really love them but not sure what move to make far as punishment for there behavior what should I do?
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replied June 19th, 2011
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stress from teens
have u read at least a few books on parenting and especially teens
u don't give anywhere near enough info
is dad home or single mom , your age, kids age, their general overall view and how well adjusted are they r, or boys, girls, both etc.
start with online books u can download (they will be cheapest and quickest)
have u ever watched the "super nanny" that may not be exact name but by watching other families with serious problems and seeing how they can learn to cope and make things better u can at least get comfort that u r not alone and some ideas may be what u need
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