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How to cope with being alone.

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I feel unsuccessful in life. I feel like I've been alone for years, since my brother is in the military & my parents work all day. I come home to an empty house. Iknow my parents love me an work hard too. Same with my brother. But, i feel since my brother hasn't been around lately, that it's just me. My bro & I are very close, he's the man. But i would go to him whenever i needed to get stuff off my chest or just go to him for anything. Like when he was still here, i was happy, we hung out everyday, with friends too. Now i barely hangout. or socialize like i used to. Not one day goes by where i don't think of my bro. I've also started cutting school a lot more. And smoking a lot more. I just feel like since he left...that a very big part of me left with him. I also feel like im drifting off somewhere.. idont know what to do after highschool. I want to make my parents proud and my bro too. I just feel that there is a very big Gap in my life and that i need to aid some problems. I would like advice.. please help.
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replied June 2nd, 2011
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Hi SoloStoner and welcome to ehealth: Lots of people don't have close friends...Lets face it life can be lonely...You love your brother...He sounds great...Why not write him every day if it makes you feel better...Set him up as an example to live by....Join the military like he is in when you graduate...This can be a good choice in life with an education when you leave it...My husband always said that this is what really made him grow up...I believe him, too...Set your goals...Abide by what you plan...If you fall then pick yourself back up...That's kind of what life is all about...I wish you well...Take care...

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