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How to choose a good care home for someone with Alzheimer's

Hi, My mother has Alzheimer's. I have been taking care of her with a little help from her caretaker. Now I am moving out of country for six months on deputation. Until I come back I have to move my mother to a care facility. I don't know much about assisted facilities. My friend told me about this place called Prestige Care, I am going to visit the place soon. Someone please tell me, what are the things that I should be checking for sure? Since she has Alzheimer's, I am really worried.
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replied July 24th, 2015
Most important is, as vital as attractive rooms and comfortable furniture is; it is more important to look beyond the physical characteristics of the location to try to determine the level of care provided to residents. Look for signs of respect, dignity, and compassion. Having a general daily routine in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care helps care-giving run smoothly. Try to keep consistent daily times for activities such as waking up, mealtimes, bathing, dressing, receiving visitors and bedtime. Involve the person in daily activities as much as they are able. Planning time for outdoor activities can be very therapeutics. You can go for a drive, visit a park or take a short walk. Help the person get exercise each day, limit naps and make sure the person gets enough rest at night. Lock up dangerous toxic products, or place them out of the person’s sight and reach.
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