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For anyone who has or had been pregnant, how soon after having sex did you have any symptoms??

Is there a study that shows on average when symptoms should show and start??

I don't feel anything different and it's been 2weeks after sex well it wasn't really sex sex he messed up and went quickly in and out. He already climaxed before going in my vagina and it was maybe 2-3mins later after climax did he accidentally go in my vagina. No protection because he wasn't to go there and I didn't know about the morning after pills until it was too late to take any. I'm NOT late for my period it's supposed to be July 8th but I have been kinda stressing so it may be a day late already I don't know but I've made myself stop stressing so much.

I just ask that since no pre or even when he did reach climax, that neither was done in my vagina both was outside and it was only after climax and the pre-cum did he accidentally go in my vagina.

When do symptoms show if you are pregnant? How soon??
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