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how should I take care of my breast for having bigger boobs

I'm 23 years old height 5.7 I have small boobs I'm tall and thin
I want my breast to be some more bigger
Applying olive oil to my breast evrydy can u suggest me how should I take care of my breast for having bigger boobs
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replied May 21st, 2017
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There are no medicines, pills, herbs, ointments or massages that will make your breasts bigger safely. Whenever you see a claim like that, it is a crook trying to get your money.

There is no secret that other women know that you do not know. There is no secret, period. Not ancient, not Chinese, not modern, none.

Your breasts are made up of mostly fat. The only way to increase them safely and reliably is by cosmetic surgery where the surgeon inserts something under the skin.

Yes, rubbing or getting sexually excited will increase you're breast volume for a few minutes. That is because of increased blood flow into your breasts. Birth control hormones may increase it slightly, as it may do close to your period (and for the same reason - hormones),, but it is not guaranteed by any means. Pregnancy will increase your breast size at it fills with milk, Getting fat will increase your breast size (because it is made of fat), but so will the rest of your body. And when you get fat and diet a few times, your skin stretches and what you have may sag.

The best cure is self confidence. You are not just two breasts on legs. Your are a unique women, and your breasts are just a small part of it. Get some well fitting and sexy bras, Maybe some padded bras. And get on with your life. Your breasts are not going to make your life better or worse.
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