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How should I act towards my younger relatives?

Well hello!!

I have a question, see I have been born in a family that are close to one another and not just inner family but also to other relatives as well such as cousins and others. And that is the case. By the way I am 19 almost turning 20 this year.

You see, i dont know why or if it just my personality or something (see there are a few of us who are older than the rest but 4 are only guys [and this scenario mostly happens to me] and for the big girls it is normal...i am not gay btw) but whenever we see each other most of the time, my younger relatives ages about 9-12 mostly girls cling to me (such as grabbing my hand/arm whilst walking, hugging, etc.).Now as we have grown up together and really close to each other I really dont mind, and sometimes I even welcome their adoration for me (since I have always wanted to be a big brother).

But, I am wondering and I am also aware that there are some people who might take this in the wrong kind of impression. I have tried to say this to them (my relatives) subtly but they refuse to acknolwedge it, even saying that those people who think so are ridiculous. I am wondering if I should be more direct neext time but am scared of hurting their feelings.

What do you think? Thank you!!!
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replied June 6th, 2010
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Hi thetroubledbigone,

Don't give it a second thought. Be yourself, and for those few narrow minded people who don't understand there are loving, compassionate people like yourself in the world they will just have to GET OVER IT!!!

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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