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How serious is it if you "miss" pills not consecutivel

I'm on my sixth month of junel fe 1/20. I took my pill 14 hours late on Tuesday of week one (I started the pack on Sunday) and then 14 hours late again on Friday of week two. I had sex Friday night with no form of contraception before I remembered to take my pill. I am not sure if this counts as missing a pill and am not sure what to do. On the information for my birth control it only talks about missing two consecutive pills. Do these count as missing pills?
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replied June 30th, 2013
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You did the right thing. It counts as late pills. The instructions should say "Take as soon as you remember, no later than 24 hours late, even if that is with your next pill".

You should try to avoid doing this too often. If you do this multiple times too close together, you can reduce your pills effectiveness.

Best of luck.
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