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How serious is failure to thrive in a child with Crohn's

Failure to Thrive in a child due to Crohn's. I see very little about this problem. I am very cocerned about my 12yr old grandson. He hasn't grown for over 3-4 years.Is it possible to permanitely stunt a childs growth during these formative years? I would love to hear from someone who has knowlege about this.
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replied December 21st, 2011
If, by "failure to thrive", you mean nutritional intake, you might want to consider regular nutritional supplements. Good balance of fresh vegs, protein (tofu), natural biotics.

If you are sure its Crohn's, then it could also be psychological. Many young people /w Crohns feel depressed, like they cannot achieve anything. This can take many years to overcome, and negative outlook can even make it worse. I was diagnosed at age 15. Didn't really start to feel good about life until 20. But everyone is different. Having lots of new hobbies and friends helps. (Just my experiences, I am no doc).

One final opinion: I think being open about the condition /w a child is good, if they don't understand some aspect. But after that talk, continued talk about crohns doesn't help. Once you got it, you've got it. Best approach then is to move on and enjoy life as much as possible, both you and kid. I think the real trick is to remain vigilant (regular checkups, observe diet) but not obsessed. Lifestyle makes bigger difference than meds.
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